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Reverse Photobomb Photobomb Thingy...
April 29th, 2011 
There is always one person lurking in the background who is intent on being a surprise addition to any memorable photo. However, in this scenario the tables (fingers) are turned on the cheeky bomber.
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March 17th, 2014
Cat's are fairly resilient critters, but it turns out it is possible to break them. If you find them looking goofy, stuck between 2 cushions, contact your vet asap!
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October 19th, 2010
It's not just a word, it's a whole way of life! Have you ever taken a moment and wondered just what that word stood for?? Never be ignorant of this fact again - LOL!
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December 3rd, 2008
The difference between scene & emo? We're not too sure & don't really care, but we'll take a guess (the direction of the comb over?) -As long as they're hot we can overlook their dubious taste in music
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March 16th, 2011
Heather needs help getting some votes so her and I can tear it up in Vegas next week, so help a buddy out! Use your best texting finger and vote away and you'll be rewarded with good karma......As for me :)
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November 6th, 2009
Want to know the real reason Hitler murdered all those innocent people like the rotten scumbag that he was?
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August 16th, 2011
It's an important part of your life when you graduate, and what's put in your yearbook is going to remind of those years for every more. So best to put a humourous comment that totals pwns the person next to you.
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February 17th, 2010
Some people just can't leave the hotties in peace. There they are all hot and sexy and some fat head or idiot animal sticks their head in and spoils it for everyone.
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March 7th, 2011
Sometimes the worst possible things are said as a joke! Could this guy be any more offensive and hilarious at the same time? How could he even post that comment on Facebook? He must've been pretty high himself to even think it.
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February 25th, 2009
Megan Fox said this about her "I mean, I could see myself in a relationship with a girl - Olivia Wilde is so sexy she makes me want to strangle a mountain ox with my bare hands. She's mesmerizing." Nice :)
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April 9th, 2009
Some people achieve greatness, whilst others should be stopped from breeding. You really have to think whats important in life when you start complaining about things like this.
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