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Sexy Scene Girl
December 3rd, 2008 
The difference between scene & emo? We're not too sure & don't really care, but we'll take a guess (the direction of the comb over?) -As long as they're hot we can overlook their dubious taste in music
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June 5th, 2010
Oceans are overrated anyway, what have they ever done for us, part from harboured the beginnings of life on earth, supported civilisations and kept the equilibrium of the planet?
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July 22nd, 2010
In Soviet Russiaz the police ogle you! It's good to see the police getting their priorities right. Just out of shot there was probably an old lady being gang raped by bears or something. But hey, there's two hot chicks. Woohoo!
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May 18th, 2009
This one is easy and should be no problem (if your gay) - How do you spot the girlie boy on your basketball team?
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November 11th, 2008
I'm pretty sure if we ever met, her voice would make me think twice about my initial desire to make this pint sized Asian cutie mine-mine-mine! There is something about a girl who resembles an Anime character that drives me nuts - WOW !
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February 17th, 2014
Meeting strangers on IM chat is fraught with danger, you never know if the cute chick who is flirting with you really is a girl or not? Time to bring out the big guns and set them a test to sort the men out from the boys girls.
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July 21st, 2011
The 1960s Spider-Man of cartoon fame was a superfly, uber-cool badass. Well, at least he is when you look at it from a 21st internet culture perspective and put some white lettering over the top to make with the megalolz.
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March 10th, 2011
When it comes to pitting different economic classes up against the spending might of war, then you know who's going to get shot down in the dirt. Even the amount of tax breaks for the wealthy pales into insignificance when it comes to killing people.
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August 8th, 2011
It poses the question you need answered straight away, WTF is this game all about and where can i buy one? I'd hit that so hard you'd have to be the next king of England to pull me out.
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January 18th, 2012
Lots of countries have their own martial arts but none of them embody their national character quite as perfectly as the French martial art. All it's missing is eating cheese and being rude to foreigners.
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June 19th, 2012
Ever wondered what the L stands for in his name? Maybe it's Llama. Just a guess but after looking at this picture I'm convinced it is.
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