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Sexy Scene Girl
December 3rd, 2008 
The difference between scene & emo? We're not too sure & don't really care, but we'll take a guess (the direction of the comb over?) -As long as they're hot we can overlook their dubious taste in music
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September 7th, 2011
So you wanna get an iPhone and be cool, hell, why not! Just as long as you read the 'Small Penis'....DAMMIT, 'Small Print' when you txt - Just be prepared to suffer the perils of Apple's auto-correct technology.
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September 25th, 2014
Here's a question for you, in this age of equality why do guys need to do the DIY? Some girls have already mastered the finer points and even have ready made shelving already included as standard.
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May 23rd, 2012
Hipsters are strange creatures. Desperate to be unique and interesting yet somehow managing to all look identical. Who would have thought an extravagant mustache and non prescription glasses would be a sought-after look?
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July 31st, 2013
The whole "see a penny, pick it up.." thing works a whole lot better if you don't scoop it up with your eye socket while traveling at about 30mph. Maybe it just means he'll have good luck when he's in the emergency room?
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May 24th, 2013
This looks like it could be a match made in heaven, or maybe a match made with synthol, who knows? Something tells me that they are gonna be happy for the rest of their dumb lives!
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February 2nd, 2010
She's got that Wholesome girl next door look and an all over tan. If I saw her topless on a beach it would make my day, what I wouldn't do to be knee deep in her clunge.
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December 30th, 2009
What do you do when you fall from grace, you make a movie! It looks like the famous golfer has landed a role he was always destined to play - LMAO!
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February 16th, 2010
Does this chick qualify as an Emo or scene girl? Does her hair part on the right side of her head? Why hasn't she got any tattoos?
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March 20th, 2009
WARNING!!! Do this alone in a locked room and never reval the truth to anyone because sometimes the truth is too shameful to become public knowledge :(
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November 5th, 2012
Oh this is beautiful. I thought knowing about Karma would make me a better person but thankfully this appeared and allowed me to unapologetically continue to be a complete douchebag to everybody. YAY!
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