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Sexy Scene Girl
December 3rd, 2008 
The difference between scene & emo? We're not too sure & don't really care, but we'll take a guess (the direction of the comb over?) -As long as they're hot we can overlook their dubious taste in music
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May 3rd, 2011
Yep, it's not long now before the planet is completely doomed. And if you are one of the many unbelievers then i present the undeniable evidence for you to ponder over before burying your head in the sand like the rest of us!
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May 6th, 2009
Not one to be shy about her body is Ms Jones, and that is why she's in this gallery looking hawter than a volcanic eruption in the centre of the sun, if such a thing was possible!
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December 10th, 2007
Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse you suddenly notice something that brightens up your whole day - LOL !
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November 6th, 2012
When people relay the most talked about story of the day before to you as though you couldn't possibly have heard, it's enough to make you slap the taste out of their mouth.
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April 16th, 2014
Ever sent a txt message to your dad by mistake and lived to regret it? What's worse is when your father plays along and the hole you are digging gets deeper & deeper. Something tells me there's no going back from this one?
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November 11th, 2010
Well, what else has this queen of tubby got to obsess over. Oh yeah, that's right, the buckets of chicken she devours like a lard hungry grease-vampire. At least Edward could feed on her for months, although her blood might be a bit fatty.
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October 30th, 2009
It looks like it's been a bad day for this poor fish, the look on his face says it all... Its survival of the fittest and it aint this fishy!
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February 27th, 2009
Seems like Olivia has nothing better to do on holiday than take hot shots of herself in her bikini & then post them on her website so we can all take a look. BONUS!!!!
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November 6th, 2010
Before you get a lab it's important to experiment and choose the right type, if you need me, I'll be in my my lab!
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July 28th, 2011
Dwight from the US version of the office tells it likes it is. And that basically means trouncing on all those dumb cliches that every spouts like mindless sheeple in his cynical b@stard way. Go Dwight.
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