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Singer Gets Owned By Ceiling Fan
April 25th, 2014 
Proof that being a pop star is a dangerous business. During a music video shoot, the lead singer of this band gets brained by a ceiling fan. I have to say, their new sound is just as painful as the old one.
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In St. Louis, we can get packedged dry "锅边糊" imertopd from china. But it tasts awful. Last time I have海蛎饼 was 25 years ago. I almost forget what it tasts like. I know it is very pathetic.
October 19th, 2010
We've all been there, don't deny it, sitting on a bench in a long trench coat staring at the sky slowly drifting through your pr0n bank. No? Well it seems this guy has. Did you know da Vinci originally named his famous painting Boner Lisa?
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May 9th, 2011
It's the perfect combination you always dreamed of, the exquisite combination of seafood and chocolate has been realised, packaged up and sold as a snack for paint splattered lovers. M'mmmm :p
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July 3rd, 2009
If you ever dont want things to go wrong than its live on TV, but fortunately for us it goes well and truly tits up here and you will laugh you ass off at it.
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September 25th, 2008
If you ever bring a cute girl back to your place and she happens to notice the pole in your room and starts dancing sexy-sexy - Who are you to warn her that it might not be such a good idea - LOL !
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May 6th, 2014
Worth watching just for the dude's high-pitched voice alone - These guys can kiss good buy to their security deposit after this one. The firework must have landed directly on the toilet for this to happen. FAIL!
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March 20th, 2009
Now this a sport i could really see myself becomming a fan of - Every time a cute chick gets hit by a ball she has to remove an item of clothing - Somehow i don't see this being an event at the next Olympics :(
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April 1st, 2011
Death, in video games, not so much feared as tolerated. It’s an annoyance, its finality only temporary, a place where taking a flying dagger to the face, totalling a speeding motor vehicle, or exploding in the infinite coldness of space is no biggie.
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June 23rd, 2014
Is there any way this video could have been more stupid? Maybe if they were naked or if there were hungry wild animals around them? They are certainly living up to their stereotype in a BIG way!
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June 5th, 2012
Is your husband or boyfriend playing too much World of Warcraft, is it affecting your relationship? Perhaps they should see Dr. Sokol and turn their regular life into the game.
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February 26th, 2014
Imagine if the cast of SpongeBob met Alan Moore’s Watchmen and they morphed together to become one, what a brilliant mashup idea it would be - the sort of idea that needs to be made into a TV show. Pronto.
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