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Singer Gets Owned By Ceiling Fan
April 25th, 2014 
Proof that being a pop star is a dangerous business. During a music video shoot, the lead singer of this band gets brained by a ceiling fan. I have to say, their new sound is just as painful as the old one.
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In St. Louis, we can get packedged dry "锅边糊" imertopd from china. But it tasts awful. Last time I have海蛎饼 was 25 years ago. I almost forget what it tasts like. I know it is very pathetic.
July 8th, 2008
Getting old means having more free time and enjoying life & being weird ! - It also means 'Getting OLD' - The most distressing bit about this clip is that in a few years this could be you!
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November 2nd, 2009
A bunch of wild monkeys invade this couples car and when the girl attempts to push one away the monkey pulls down her shirt and runs off.
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March 28th, 2011
Got milk!? Yep, it looks like they have So much that you are never gonna be wanting more. Something tells me that they got this idea from some other well known celebrity pukers but is and entertaining watch all the same. Enjoy!
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September 30th, 2014
At last, something i can actually (possibly) achieve. But maybe this only works if some jerk didn’t take the stickers off and rearrange them. I wonder if this guy actually worked this out or someone else told him.
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February 17th, 2014
Hannah Hart from the hilarious and fantastic "My Drunk Kitchen" looks at some of the common misconceptions related to alcohol consumption—so before you go on your next binge drinking session, take a watch.
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November 23rd, 2011
Talk about free rent. It might look like Futurama's Hypnotoad, but in reality this poor little creature actually has a gross parasitic worm living in his eyeball. What has been seen can never be unseen. UGGH!
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November 17th, 2010
OK, so Four Loko is a alcoholic/caffeinated beverage which has sent college students to the ER with glee. So this guy, showing how serious he is by donning a suit, decides to tackle the Four Loko experience with scientific FAIL!
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February 14th, 2014
Welcome to the world of Flappy Bird - everyone's got something to say on how to beat this game, but none of those methods is as effective as this one. It's foolproof. Just be glad the app can no longer be dwnloaded.
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June 15th, 2012
Here are ten great bar tricks that are guaranteed to win you money, earn you a free drink or at the worst, get you beat up. Either way you'll have something to take home with you.
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September 21st, 2011
That's an elaborate way to get rid of a body, but as climate change robs us of lakes and rivers, the Russian Mob has had to get more creative.
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