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Singer Gets Owned By Ceiling Fan
April 25th, 2014 
Proof that being a pop star is a dangerous business. During a music video shoot, the lead singer of this band gets brained by a ceiling fan. I have to say, their new sound is just as painful as the old one.
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In St. Louis, we can get packedged dry "锅边糊" imertopd from china. But it tasts awful. Last time I have海蛎饼 was 25 years ago. I almost forget what it tasts like. I know it is very pathetic.
August 16th, 2010
Ah.. The Cam Twins, These two monitor melting babes seem to enjoy doing everything together, including blowing our minds with incredible webcam videos. Once in my life, at least once I'd like to.......You know ;)
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August 3rd, 2011
Frodo climbs into the closet and reveals some of the weird kinky shit he’s into, also why he’s a tit man over a leg or butt man, discusses furries, and reads some exclusive material from the script of The Hobbit.
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January 31st, 2011
Sweet Victoria as the nawty schoolgirl, the mere thought of that will get your motor running, the site of it will cause a blown gasket with a hot oil leak spraying all over the room. One can never get bored of watching this incredible girl!
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October 2nd, 2013
It’s no surprise that Bryan Cranston gets erotic letters sent to him from fans, you’ve probably mailed a few to him yourself. But out of all the hundreds we’ve all sent him, which one is his fave? It's sad Breaking Bad has finally ended :(
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May 3rd, 2012
A female Red Sox fan gets into a heated shouting match and takes on Section 328 at Yankee's stadium. This might be the most heated rivalry in baseball, but on Friday night both teams got the win. The Red Sox were in Chicago.
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February 13th, 2013
Claymation auteur Lee Hardcastle does it again with his version of the new Die Hard movie — and as always it’s a rip-roaring journey full of excessive violence, Tetris bombs, and chainsaws. Welcome to the party pal!
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April 12th, 2012
Shopping in Russia looks seriously complicated. By watching this you can pretty much assume the level of trust in Russia these days is at an all time low. This guy must have been robbed so many times.
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June 5th, 2008
Having watched this I have started planting sharp objects at every possible location in my apartment - I am now waiting for my girlfriend to kiss me ! (it may take some time for this plan to work)
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January 28th, 2008
I think if you were to come across this while driving down a highway there would be a high probability of crashing your car due to laughing uncontrollably - ROFl!!!
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July 7th, 2014
Forget about doing a stylish cartwheel or front somersault. Watch this for 2 minutes and you'll probably never bother watching the straight laced gymnastics ever again. These guys have some serious skills.
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