Stunning Marilyn
January 18th, 2012 
Some like it hawt (me!). Looking at these photographs it's not hard to see how this beautiful woman captured the entire planet's attention. So take the time to contemplate what real women used to look like.
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February 3rd, 2014
When it comes to photography, the difference between a yawn-tastic photo & a sublime work of pure awesomeness is all about the right angle - Witness everyday normality transformed into total abstract wonder.
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December 24th, 2010
PLEASE GOD!!! There are millions of cute chicks on the planet, all i am asking for this year is just one (or maybe two) of them to unwrap on Xmas morning, i've been a very good boy this year - Honest!?
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December 31st, 2007
The Dutch delight is truely a sight to behold - be careful or she'll take your breath away - But at least you'll die with a smile on your face !
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October 24th, 2011
Getting a tattoo might sound like a cool thing to do, but for god's sake, think about it carfully, make sure you realise that it's for life. And under NO circumstances will Edward from Twilight ever be a good choice for a dude. FAIL!
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March 27th, 2012
When the world stops surprising you with it's random insanity then it's time to make a Spiderman Ganesh because, let's face it, that really is something special. We don't need these explained, just take delight in their WTF-ness.
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July 7th, 2011
Summertime's here & it's time to bare your bod & go for the ultimate tan. That involves as much time as you can spare away from college, work, or the interwebs & hang out at the beach. Where there just happens to be lots of cuties.
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November 5th, 2012
So super-storm Sandy has been sweeping the east coast of America, leaving a trail of destruction in her wake, flooding, demolishing homes and knocking out power lines. If you've been affected then these lolz are dedicated to you. Enjoy.
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June 21st, 2011
It's something that has happened to all red-blooded males with a pulse and GOD FORBID that there might be someone around with a camera to record the event when it does! It's one gallery you can browse without questioning your sexuality.
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February 2nd, 2011
In recent interwebs news, Canadian ISP's want to ridiculously increase caps and overuse charges, bad luck Canadians! (don't worry, we can say what we want about them, they won't be able to afford to load this page!
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September 9th, 2013
The burning question here is "would you or wouldn't you?" Do you have the confidence to date a woman who could physically overpower you in any conceivable way possible? Put like that it doesn't sound too bad.
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