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Stunning Marilyn
January 18th, 2012 
Some like it hawt (me!). Looking at these photographs it's not hard to see how this beautiful woman captured the entire planet's attention. So take the time to contemplate what real women used to look like.
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June 3rd, 2011
Sorority parties, guaranteed to have lots of booze, lots of girls in their underwear and lots of outrageous behaviour. Sounds like great fun, so where the hell is my invite? When I die I hope the afterlife is one long endless sorority party.
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January 20th, 2015
A small collection of small people, are they cute? You be the judge. They have just as much right to express their sexuality as anyone else. This is what the guy in from dusk til dawn would call 'tiny pussy'
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June 28th, 2011
If you think about it, girls spend a lot of time being intimate in each other's company, telling secrets, trying on clothes, checking out their bods. It's no wonder that sometimes they go a little bit further. There really IS a god!
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June 4th, 2014
If you didn't fancy sleeping tonight or for the rest of the week, then why not have a browse of these completely insane face swaps.
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March 29th, 2011
So you wanna get an iPhone and be cool, hell, why not! Just as long as you read the 'Small Penis'....DAMMIT, 'Small Print' - Just be prepared to suffer the perils of Apple's auto-correct technology.
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January 19th, 2010
An Asian cutie whose beauty has as powerful an affect on me as a mega tsunami sweeping me up in its path, she's gorgeous and she's got a body that the bikini was made for and a hardened Samurai would kill for! I must have her immediately!
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November 4th, 2011
Amazing as it might seem, but some things on this planet have managed to last longer than the Kim Kardashian's fairy-tale marriage to Kris Humphries. Wipe away the tears and ponder on that for a moment people.
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April 4th, 2012
"Houston, we have a problem" - I love a toned chick, but when she has a six pack and guns that would put you to shame then you know that this girl means business! Somehow i think i can predict who'd be the boss in the bedroom!
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December 10th, 2010
A collection of girls who still manage to look hot with their heads in the toilet. Living passed-out proof that beer & babes is a great mix - chicks can still look hawt even when they have vomit coming out of their mouths!
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June 23rd, 2011
Ok, i know what you are all thinking, grab a branch from the ugly tree and beat her until she loses all of the lard she is carrying and starts to look better. WRONG! Stand back & look & you will be amazed!
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