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Super Tough Old Man Can Still Kick Ass
August 22nd, 2014 
You can't teach an old dog new tricks, but maybe you don't have to? When you think of mixed martial arts you normally think of youngish guys having it out with each other. Well not this time. This guy is old and fat, but still super tough.
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March 31st, 2010
Like the bubble gum equivalent of a Russian doll, now where's the person who comes along and smacks the whole thing over her face and she gets the gum all in her hair and has to shave her head and then everyone points and goes "Ha. Ha."
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July 12th, 2011
Are you fed up with the grinding monotony of your daily life? Then why not commit the perfect murder and bring a little Hitchcockian mystery into your mundane existence. How? Well you just can just google it.
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August 28th, 2008
It will come as a big shock to some people to find out that there are really Klingons in the White House and Vulcans running the country - Proof that because you are a politician it doesn't mean you can't be a geek as well - WTF?
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November 4th, 2011
We all have the perception that these social networking sites are for hip young dudes (and geeks), but it looks like the silver surfer generation are getting in on the act - Think i'm gonna throw up :(
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June 7th, 2012
This looks like some sort of magic or witchcraft, it's amazing to watch. We don't know why this guy is getting his tattoo removed, but we hope it's worth what looks like a considerable amount of pain.
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October 8th, 2010
Look, it's George Bush at a magic show! Badaboomtsk! And who says we're not topical? This little chimp is going ape for this magic show, & what really works for me is the speech bubbles telling us his thoughts, if we spoke Japanese.
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December 17th, 2010
This guy says he's cool after his miserable faceplant, but if saying it made it so, he could also just tell people that he just completely owned that jump... and that he doesn't live in a trailer home.
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October 3rd, 2011
Mom and Dad grounded this dude from the internet for two weeks. Pretty severe, but the reason he flips out is that he can't tell his guild, or get his epic new crossbow. FAIL!
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September 30th, 2013
'Who's on first, what's on second?' - This guy is! I'm trying to think up some kind of pun to make this guy touching up his girlfriend and baseball but it just isn't happening, so why don't you come up with your own.
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July 16th, 2010
You can't knock Bruce Springsteen, he's a complete legend! The Boss sings us the sad story of the hotties forced to party and hook up on the Jersey Shore. Strange, but it looks as if Bruce has lost a few years?
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