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Super Tough Old Man Can Still Kick Ass
August 22nd, 2014 
You can't teach an old dog new tricks, but maybe you don't have to? When you think of mixed martial arts you normally think of youngish guys having it out with each other. Well not this time. This guy is old and fat, but still super tough.
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July 31st, 2009
These broads have got their eyes on the prize on comic com but i have got my eyes well and truly on something else, I'm pretty sure you'll be able to work out what it is, DAMN!!!
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October 23rd, 2009
A Cool video taking you on a time-lapse journey through the Panama Canal from the Atlantic to Pacific Ocean onboard a cruise ship. Just like the real thing only it takes much less time and it's a hell of a lot cheaper.
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October 13th, 2010
You know that as soon humanity has a holodeck one of the first things we'll do is to play out some Bacchanalian orgy of debauched excess. And for once in Star Trek the red shirt is the one who survives to tell the story of what happened
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January 18th, 2012
Some adverts are so simple that they almost create themselves. To sell condoms, all you need to do is get some footage of kids doing what kids do best - being annoying, and BAM. Advert for contraception!
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June 6th, 2011
This stunning starlet likes nothing more than rolling around in a load of left over emulsion before splashing around in the sea. This almost makes up for her being in those Twilight films.
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July 5th, 2011
This could possibly be the most dangerous thing in the world, it's a combination that brings fear to every man's eyes - A cute blonde chick trying to fire and AK47. Literally anything in the world could happen! LOL
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December 21st, 2007
I put this cutie at the top of my Xmas wish list - If Santa puts her under the tree for me to find on Xmas morning (like i asked him to) i'm gonna be an extremely lucky guy! :)
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July 14th, 2014
Well, for a start we wouldn’t be here because we need them to help the species keep on keeping on. But, that little note aside, we also need them to do silly stuff so we can look and laugh and think how endearing they are.
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January 19th, 2012
Talk about an unfair fight. Ok, so this tree has been giving it the big one for months now, running it's mouth every 5 minutes. Yep, he should have kept it's mouth shut but the reaction from this dude is totally over the top. No more baby bananas from this poor tree. Ever.
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March 21st, 2014
You heard of that old saying, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." - Well, i'd ignore it if you were this guy. As if he wasn't having enough trouble landing this big ollie but then someone went and soaked the landing for him as well.
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