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Super Tough Old Man Can Still Kick Ass
August 22nd, 2014 
You can't teach an old dog new tricks, but maybe you don't have to? When you think of mixed martial arts you normally think of youngish guys having it out with each other. Well not this time. This guy is old and fat, but still super tough.
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October 19th, 2011
If they ever need a dead dog on CSI; yo, Right here! You've never seen such true commitment like this. You could slap this mutt round the mush with a fat juicy steak and he wouldn't bat an eyelid. Total pro.
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November 1st, 2007
I dont know about the rest of America but US politics suddenly has become a LOT more intresting :)
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August 9th, 2010
Science delves into obscure research, some of it centuries old, to make 10 surprising claims about sexual climax, ranging from the bizarre to the hilarious - OMG!!!
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January 20th, 2011
In Northwest Territories, Canada it's so friggin' cold that boiling water instantly freezes into a snowy fog when tossed into the air. Just don't get any ideas about relieving yourself outside here, it could be MEGA painful!
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October 8th, 2010
It is our belief that you a&sh#les will love this video, and if not the we will hunt your f%cking sorry ass down and kick the f%$$ing S&@t out of you.. Guaranteed!
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December 9th, 2013
Yes, it seems that they are, at least the people in this video are, chances are if you walked out into the street right now and started talking to the first person you see, they might not be so awesome.
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October 1st, 2010
This is quite possibly the most amazing thing ever in the history of baseball - Not only is it an awesome catch, but it's by a tiny ball girl and she's also rather cute - How the hell does she do that ? - COOL !
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October 28th, 2011
Where's Michael J Fox when you need him? It looks like we might have a chance at Hoverboards by 2015. We're at least closer to it than the Cubs winning the World Series that year.
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September 30th, 2014
Samsung have ushered in the next gen of SSDs, which OK, haven’t quite yet got to the status of being able to turn into a robot and fly around the world being awesome and charming the ladies like in this video, but it’s still pretty super.
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September 20th, 2010
Sure they can jump, but can they dance? You decide. If these guys dry-humping the air while listening to the Song of Storms from Zelda doesn't disturb you, then maybe you need to join them. They're geek versions of Pretty Ricky. LOL
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