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Teen Hotties Dancing
January 14th, 2010 
Oh man this will brighten up you winter day, lots of smoking hot teenage babes dancing around in there panties and bra. Awesome.
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April 7th, 2011
Slaves, what's all the fuss about?! Sure, stripping people of their freedom & human rights isn't very "politically correct" but you can't build a pyramid if you've got Health & Safety regs to worry about...
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January 4th, 2012
The kid almost breaks his back doing a flip, which, is kinda funny on it's own, but what’s really disturbing is that children are being taught alligators and killer whales can co-exist in a pool enviroment. Shocking.
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June 10th, 2013
This is a totally hilarious 70's public service video about the best way of talking to your kids about jerking off. It's a wonder they didn't get nominations for Oscar's off this. It's the stuff of nightmares!
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March 31st, 2009
This sand cruiser is stuck in a bit of a rut so the others lend a hand to get him out, but as they help he wheel spins it to the max literally covering them all in sand. Gutted.
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October 1st, 2012
Looks like the celebs and residents of London crossed over to the dark side last & meddled in the dark arts. There was not a dry eye (or glass) at the event as they gathered to honour the great man behind the pint, Arthur Guinness. Cheers!
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June 21st, 2013
I love it when a news team doesn't do their research properly and interview their nemesis. These guys really weren't prepared from him were they. He totally tears them apart. Where do they find these anchor idiots? The Job Centre?
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May 15th, 2009
Teenagers filming fights on their camera phones is as old as happy slapping, but this footage from a school in Leicester is pretty shocking by anyone's standards. The sort of teenage kicks that they don't prepare you for in biology class !
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May 16th, 2014
Beach volleyball’s a great sport, especially if you’re male (or lesbian) and the people playing it are professional sports women—and that has everything to do with the sportswear (or lack of) and nothing to do with the sport itself.
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February 7th, 2008
Sometimes people do some very funny things and this is just such an occasion - Prepare to be wow'd by some old-skool gaming classicks remastered using everyday objects - AWESOME!!!
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April 12th, 2013
It's never a good idea to leave your car around if you have been unfaithful - Cheating leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to vandalism that you'll have to repay, so it's best to get secure parking ;)
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