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The Empire Strikes Barack
May 15th, 2008 
Have you ever thought what it would be like to replace the main characters in Star Wars with Barrak Obama and Hillary Clinton - Actually, it makes the whole Star Wars epic a lot more realistic than ever - LOL!
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February 15th, 2012
These two furry critters have been friends since they were little pups & cubs, so now they get on like a house on fire. But you can be sure, one day when they are grown up, that bear will fancy a tasty snack and eat the poor wolf.
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July 30th, 2010
It's a dance battle. You had to expect there would be some casualties. War is hell, get used to it kid. Nice cardboard by the way.
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October 5th, 2011
Your day just got infinitely better. Why? Because these floppy disks are playing the Imperial March from Star Wars. Unfortunately it’s all downhill from here though.
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December 21st, 2007
He might scare the living crap out of you every time he appears - But by the end of the week you can be sure you will be the best of friends - WTF?
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March 17th, 2011
Everyone loves cooking, right? Especially if you’re the privileged granddaughter of a famous children’s author, right Ms Dahl? Modeling wasn’t enough for you, now you’re riding the gravy train into the kitchen all the way to the gravy boat. Get a real job.
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March 22nd, 2013
Finally a reason for normal people to want to play Ping Pong. The randomness of this is pretty absurd, it probably took as long as some of the beer pong challenges you see set up.
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May 29th, 2013
A distracted photographer gets hit by a runaway tire from a speeding car during the King of Drift racing event in Poznan, Poland. On a side note, I wonder just how many tires they get through each race?
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March 5th, 2012
If you want to make your movie the talking point of the evening then this is the way to go. This awesome video gives you a POV shot of what it's like to skydive into Los Angeles at night and into a movie premier. Why isn't every premier this awesome?
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September 28th, 2012
When I was a kid and my dad watch western movies and someone would die he'd always remark on how good of a "death" they managed to act out. Needless to say he would love this one.
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March 1st, 2011
A car plows through a busy street filled with cyclists causing maximum carnage - Whoever is driving this car is going straight to hell. What reason could anyone have to drive like a maniac - OMG!
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