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The Empire Strikes Barack
May 15th, 2008 
Have you ever thought what it would be like to replace the main characters in Star Wars with Barrak Obama and Hillary Clinton - Actually, it makes the whole Star Wars epic a lot more realistic than ever - LOL!
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July 6th, 2009
I have no idea what is going on with these wacko German chicks, maybe this is their way of paying some kind of dancing homage to the big pedo in the sky Jacko. Either way enjoy!.
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July 26th, 2012
Why has no one thought of doing this before? It's an absolutely brilliant idea. They mix the laxatives with Pringles, leave them out to be eaten then watch the people left on the beach get covered in bird turd and film the whole thing.
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July 11th, 2008
Who says you need a basketball court to pull off some amazing trick shots - And who says cute chicks can't be behind it ? - These are some awesome baskets made by some awesome ladies - WOW !
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July 13th, 2011
People of different ethnic origins party in completely different ways - Any party with Asian babes of this strength attending will be good good. Who knows what she is trying to advertise but she is definitely hot as hell!!!
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October 5th, 2009
Sweet air on that jump, bro! Not so sweet landing and brake failure into that tree, though.
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February 14th, 2011
Now this is a film trailer. This not only makes you want to watch this film, but drag all your friends and a bunch of strangers along too. This is how you advertise a movie not with some gravelly voiced dunce talking about how "It was a time, for heroes.
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June 4th, 2014
Like you need any tips on receiving something you definitely DON'T want. The Horse, Break U's dean of nutshots, presents a how-to for novices interested in learning the correct procedure for receiving a swift traumatic blow to the nuts.
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November 26th, 2010
For some people throwing a hat is a matter of getting home from a hard day’s slacking and chucking the hat away as you slump on the couch. Who cares where it lands? Not these guys though. For them it’s a matter of pride!
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February 23rd, 2011
He fouled another player to get this ball, but the back board didn't like what it was seeing so stepped in and righted the wrong that was being committed.
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January 28th, 2013
A stripped back musical jam is laid down in this track from musician Jamie Cullum. Taking his song "Love Ain't Gonna Let You Down" back to its bare roots, he needs nothing more than a piano and his voice to create an ambient and sublime rendition.
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