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The Empire Strikes Barack
May 15th, 2008 
Have you ever thought what it would be like to replace the main characters in Star Wars with Barrak Obama and Hillary Clinton - Actually, it makes the whole Star Wars epic a lot more realistic than ever - LOL!
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February 18th, 2011
Now here's something you don't see everyday...NO, not Batman, but this amazing howling hound! Pugs are awesome enough just as they are, however this little guy is beyond awesome because he can sing the Batman theme song!
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August 8th, 2008
This has got to be one of the most amazing office solo-orchestras i have ever seen - How this chick manages to play this is beyond me - The buttons she has to press are SO small - AMAZING !
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October 12th, 2010
Just in case you need the occasional reminder, here's the trailer to the last film any of us will ever see, according to the Mayans the end of the world will come on 21 December 2012. So better squeeze in plenty of drugs, booze and loving then.
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November 29th, 2012
This is such a dumb trick it might just work - The group of girls in this really lose their minds when this prank gets going. But lets be honest who wouldn't be freaked out by this?
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December 9th, 2011
Faith made America strong–according to the Fascist mind of Rick Perry. He wants to embrace men and, so, just like when you really fancy someone at school, you act like you hate them, Rick’s doing that with gays. Basically Rick Perry’s a homosexual. The end.
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April 27th, 2011
For years this guy has been given a hard time, but finally people are coming round to his way of thinking. Thank god for that, because in any other situation we would all be running as a crowd in the opposite direction ...........Screaming!
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October 18th, 2010
It's all going so well when your team score then it can all go so wrong again so quickly. I love the way her boyfriend just laughs at her the shrugs. Hahahaha!
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February 6th, 2008
Right now Britney Spears life is at an all-time low and the meda press is having a field day mocking her lifestyle - i kinda feel sorry for her - This dude mirrors the thoughts of many guys on the internet with a heart-felt song - And YES - I'd hit it :)
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September 15th, 2011
This is not the typical post you'll see on Puggie but its a great little love story, maybe you can score some points for sending it off to your girlfriend. Who knows what you might get in return for your romantic gesture?
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April 14th, 2014
This kid is really tired but also really wants his ice cream. Which one wins out? Is it possible to have both. Witness the epic conclusion here - It's like watching the perfect kiddie torture.
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