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The Empire Strikes Barack
May 15th, 2008 
Have you ever thought what it would be like to replace the main characters in Star Wars with Barrak Obama and Hillary Clinton - Actually, it makes the whole Star Wars epic a lot more realistic than ever - LOL!
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January 16th, 2012
Just a typical household scene. A kid eats his breakfast cereal in the morning next to a gigantic lizard who is doing likewise. It's weird though, I always thought Iguanas would be more partial to Lucky Charms...
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August 26th, 2008
Check out Paolo Nutini's hit song "New Shoes”. A song this good is worthy of its own ad. Here you have it, your chance to watch Nutini perform. Cool song. Cool shoes. Coolest commercial.
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March 21st, 2012
With a lo-fi aesthetic, Australian punk band The Death Set lead an army of pop culture icons, we get Marty McFly in a the radiation suit, Marge Simpson, Spidey, the alien from “Alien”, Mario, Lego, the list is endless. ENDLESS!
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November 6th, 2007
Well, it sorta looks like this kangeroo has been watching way too much pr0n on the internet again - WTF?
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August 5th, 2009
I think the phrase is "extreme ownage" followed by "mega lol". Who knows what has happened here maybe they hit a speed bump at light speed or something. LOLage
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December 11th, 2013
These idiots get their car destroyed after doing the weakest prank on a stranger i've ever seen. Let this be a lesson to all pranksters out there, always choose your victim wisely. Someone carrying an iron bar is probably not your first choice.
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October 7th, 2011
You're just unboxing your new Central Station monitor--then BAM!--the machine uprising slaps you in the face. Next we're being grown in pods while our mechanical overlords are harvesting our bioelectrical energy to snack on. Time to fight back.
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December 12th, 2011
I bet this is a scenario we would ALL like to be in? Well, think again. Poor Malcolm from Malcolm In The Middle takes his relationship with his girl to the next level. But she wants more and more, much MUCH more. Run Malcolm RUN!!!
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June 14th, 2011
Luckily no one was seriously injured in this amazing car crash in France. The car practically disintegrates upon impact with the wall.
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June 8th, 2012
The Miami Dolphin cheerleaders do a rendition of Carly Rae's track "Call Me Maybe", but you're not here to listen to them sing, not when they're lying around on sun lounges in skimpy bikinis looking super hot.
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