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Unicyclist Busts Butt On Rail Grind
October 28th, 2011 
Getting a stunt right is all about percentages of 'DUMB'. In this video, the handrail is playing the part of the 1%, and the unicyclist represents the 99%.
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January 21st, 2013
Yep, it doesn't work the other way around but this old hound can pass his knowledge on - This puppy is having some trouble negotiating the stairs in this house, so the older dog shows the youngster the way. So very cute.
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July 17th, 2012
This dude is tired of the traffic jams created by checkpoints. It's kind of amazing that this is happening in the USA. Do you think he is being a douchebag or patriot for refusing to prove his citizenship?
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March 22nd, 2013
Finally a reason for normal people to want to play Ping Pong. The randomness of this is pretty absurd, it probably took as long as some of the beer pong challenges you see set up.
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November 19th, 2010
Has this man got no respect for other people's property? Riding around on his bike, all over the place, with no regard for buildings and ancient castle walls, jumping on phone boxes & landing on patches of grass that have been well kempt. It's an outrage.
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April 30th, 2009
When i was a kid this is exactly how i thought the process happened. Simply blow onto you partners finger, wait for belly to expand then hey presto! A bambion!
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August 24th, 2009
If you are gonna trick your boss into believing that you are actually doing any work at all while on a business trip ALWAYS make sure that your props are robust enough - ROFL!!
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March 2nd, 2010
Live Action Role Play is bad enough but now it's being taken to a whole new sickening level by fans of the Dances With Pocahontas ripoff Avatar.
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May 15th, 2008
Have you ever thought what it would be like to replace the main characters in Star Wars with Barrak Obama and Hillary Clinton - Actually, it makes the whole Star Wars epic a lot more realistic than ever - LOL!
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November 13th, 2010
If your girlfriend is a moaning monster who wont let you get a word in edge-ways then this has to be the perfect gift for her. Only problem is i think it is kind of illegal. Oh well.
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June 30th, 2011
Look it’s that bloke off the telly, what’s his name, Terry Christian, but he’s let himself go. No, not Terry Christian that other one, Mark Lamarr, but he’s really fucking let himself go....Or is it that other guy?
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