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Why Cats Make Great Bodyguards
November 7th, 2011 
We all know that one day they will become the dominant species on the planet and enslave humans for their evil pleasures, but first they will have to overcome their obsession to chase laser pointers, until then mankind is safe.
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May 7th, 2010
This dude is definitely in there, if they aren't impressed with super mario world and beers then they aren't worth it. Trust me home boy.
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October 20th, 2011
What could possibly be better than the ultimate TV series 'Game of Thrones'? Nothing, right? WRONG. Prepare to witness a woman on a mission to capture your heart. Get me a wedding ring. Stat!
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January 7th, 2008
The next time you start moaning that your high speed internet connection is a piece of s#it spare a thought for those people less fortunate than yourselves - LOL
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November 7th, 2007
Once you've heard one self-appointed 9-11 hero's speach, you've heard them all - This guy could fill an airship with all the hot air coming outta his mouth!
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November 5th, 2008
There's no doubting it, Aubrey is kinda cute, in a coked-up hooker kinda way - According to Wikipedia she's a singer, songwriter & has been in musicals since the age of 5 - Can you believe it?
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September 26th, 2011
Cats, what are they like, huh? Little do they know that they own the internet, if they did they'd be even more big-headed. Here's a selection of them playing around with their invisible toys and generally being awesome.
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December 14th, 2012
If the United Nations changed their PR a bit I reckon they could easily get everyone onboard. Well, except vegetarians, but who cares about them?
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July 13th, 2009
Ever thought what happens to the innocent victims orphaned by ninja attacks on their family? - This poor guy must be desperate !
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August 5th, 2009
Just when this douche bag thinks they have the jump on the food thief they get the ultimate diss, uber lolage.
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June 10th, 2011
Prepare to learn how to achieve a very simple and easy upgrade to your average iMac computer. It's a total must for your average Mac hater. I'll take 3 please!
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