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World Problems
April 20th, 2011 
Forget all those 3rd & 2nd world global problems, the ones mortals like us face every day put them all to shame. How we cope with our ongoing problems is beyond my comprehension!
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November 26th, 2008
If she's a guardian angel then God's not quite the boring, moody old fart that I had him pegged out to be - It's good to see her with the frontal wings out too, but she looks a bit cold, come here so I can warm you up!
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April 6th, 2011
If you're a comic book character, vengeful or just trying to do your bit, it is absolutely paramount that you have deceased parents. All the better if the non-existence extends into other immediate family and beyond.
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February 21st, 2011
Advertising. It's there because we all believe in one way or another, even though we know it isn't really true, something inside of us wishes it was so. This is one rare occasion where it tells it like it is!
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November 21st, 2011
It's spam-like stupidity like this that makes it pretty damn easy to see which of your Facebook friends are idiots. Well, that and the fact that London or Rome aren't 'exactly' countries. Best not mention that :(
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June 26th, 2012
I never really thought too hard about what those things either side of her face were meant to be but something tells me that the suggestion that they're her legs will be hard to shake...
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April 24th, 2013
Baby needs a bottle, but Daddy needs a pint. Performing a move of this magnitude requires dexterity of the highest level and the secure knowledge that mum isn't about.
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June 23rd, 2010
Look at that face it can't do any wrong can it? You wont be thinking that next time you open your mail and its soggy.
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July 22nd, 2010
In Soviet Russiaz the police ogle you! It's good to see the police getting their priorities right. Just out of shot there was probably an old lady being gang raped by bears or something. But hey, there's two hot chicks. Woohoo!
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May 18th, 2011
Oh my good god, surely this can't be what we are all thinking it is? This cavern is so big i can almost guarantee that you'd get an echo. It'll take more than a real man to conquer this bohemoth!
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November 7th, 2011
He may be a notorious tough guy who used to work for the KGB and now controls Russia, but his weakness is that he likes nothing more than to wave at animals, providing they wave back of course. If they don't, he can get real angry.
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