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World's Greatest Lip Sync
March 19th, 2014 
Guys, if you are gonna do a lip-synch video make sure you have one of these...A GIRL. If you watch this close enough you'll notice there are actually three people lip syncing in the clip.
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love it id like to see the practise vids lol.great job.cute girl.funny guys.please make more
they are famous celebrity in philippines specially that girl her name isRHIAN RAMOS
nice!!!girl is super yummy
She is beautiful
They are all guys.
It is so funny. Once i have seen another video from them but can´t find it anymore. Anyone an idea, where i can find more of them?
their all Filipinos
Awesome :) Whats their next single ??
Michael V.
that 2 idiot guys are Filipino
January 17th, 2011
Say what you like about Poland, but you don't see many nations training their cats to hate the Bieber and for that they have my eternal respect. Just look at the venom with which that cat attacks his image. Incredible.
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November 10th, 2011
What goes up must come down and what goes around on a playground ride must go FAIL! This video is a great demonstration of Newtonian physics: A body at rest stays at rest while waiting for the paramedics to show.
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June 22nd, 2012
In this video a guy attempts some parkour with a soft surface of sand for his landing pad. Sadly, it turns out even sand isn't soft enough to effectively cushion a hardcore faceplant.
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January 24th, 2011
Where would we be without the supercut. We’d find ourselves with not much to do but watch pr0n and, well, watch more pr0n. Not such a bad existence. But sometimes your eyes need a break...Now, if you’ll excuse me…
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February 27th, 2008
It gets a bit worrying when a small kid values his MySpace page more than his family - Although having a big brother who knows and exploits this does not do much for this brat's temper - Makes for a good MySpace video though - LOL !
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January 25th, 2013
Proof that you do need to have brain cells to ride a motorcycle - Not only is he such a moron he cant even do a burn out but it is also a DOUBLE fail, but i will leave that delight for you to see at the end - GENIUS!
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November 22nd, 2010
A subject we are all, no doubt, interested and endlessly fascinated with, intellectually speaking I mean. So here are a few factoids that you can impress your friends with, all beautifully presented on - where else? - but the female form.
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July 2nd, 2010
Get ready for a nipple tassel-tastic time, that stalwart of the nouveau-burlesque scene look mighty fine on Carmen here. My only qualm is they should be smaller, much much smaller. In fact, just take 'em off. AWESOME!
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September 16th, 2013
This video will make you both laugh and cry, as this poor guy necks a really, really hot habanero chilli and then proceeds to try to review Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the Wii U. It’s painful enough just watching him.
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September 11th, 2013
All this new technology, like the Oculus Rift, is bringing an entire new and exciting immersive environment to bear on gaming and… pr0n. . Basically this is you in 5 year’s time….(YES, admit it, even the bit with 50 Cent)
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